Buy Naija To Grow The Naira

Ben Murray-Bruce

Many Nigerians are complaining about the constant fall in the value of the naira and they blame the government. But is the government really to blame? In truth, our insatiable appetite for all things foreign is to blame. No nation can become great if it is clothed, serviced and fed by other nations. It just will not happen. In lay man’s terms, a nation’s currency is like a promise by the issuing authority, in this case the Nigerian Government, to pay holders of the currency. In other words, currency is an assurance by a government on goods and services.

What happens when we spend our naira buying imported items and not made-in-Nigeria products is that our government is assuring the nation’s from which those imports come from and not our own nation. So imagine this scenario, imagine that Nigeria and other nations are football teams. How can we win if…

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